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Kerrville Fence and Gate has over 25 years experience in the Texas Hill Country building quality fences in Kerrville, Mountain Home, Hunt, Ingram and surrounding counties. Find out more about Kerrville Fence & Gate.

We offer the top services with the best hand chosen products for lasting wear. Contact KFG for a quote today!

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Deer Proof / High Fence Wildlife, Exotics

Exotic game ownership is a rapidly rising part of ranching in Texas. Owners must remember that it does not present the same challenges as raising cattle. It is important to have the right fencing. A fence that is built with quality materials and workmanship will keep exotics on your property and predators out.

If you are in the Texas Hill Country and your terrain is rocky, it is even more important to hire Kerrville Fence and Gate as they have experience with these challenges.

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Hill Country Ranch Fence

High tensile steel mesh is now being use effectively for cattle fencing. This fencing is strong and durable. It will look good and last for years. Good quality fencing saves the rancher the added cost of annual repairs and replacements.

For Hill Country fencing It is important that the fence posts are deep in the ground, even in the rocky terrain. Kerrville Fence and Gate has the experience and knowledge needed.

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Hog Proof Fence

Feral hogs are on the rise in the Hill Country. There is no limit to the damage they can do to your cattle ranch or agricultural land. They will wallow and root the ground, destroy feeders and water areas and be a detriment to your cattle or game.  The hogs are heavy and strong, so the fence must be properly built with quality material to keep them at bay.

Go with the leaders at Kerrville Fence & Gate, using premium products like Stay-Tuff fencing .

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Cedar Post / Fence

Kerrville Fence and Gate also installs cedar post fences. The posts give your property a real country look and will last a long time if installed properly. We pressure treat the posts so they will last. Common problems, with posts that are not pressure treated, are termites or rot.

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Barbed Wire Fence

The traditional barbed wire is still a popular fence for cattle ranches.

Kerrville Fence and Gate has the experience installing wire fencing that lasts.

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Garden Fence

Attractive garden fencing is available to keep pests out of any area. Fencing can be installed to meet your needs, various heights depending on what you are wanting to do.

Call Kerrville Fence and Gate for ideas and prices.

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Water Gaps

Kerrville Fence and Gate is the perfect company to build a water gap fence. These fences can help control your livestock and at the same time protect from uninvited animals.

For the fence to be effective it must be made from quality materials and built by experienced water gap fence installers.

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Apollo Automatic Gate Openers

Kerrville Fence & Gate installs the Apollo Automatic Gate Systems, only. Apollo Gate Openers of San Antonio, Texas are still the highest quailty American-made gate openers in the USA.Since 1984, Apollo Gate Operators has earned a reputation for security and reliability.

You will find the Apollo Gate Openers have highly innovative technology bring to the market a new era of commercial gate automations. All Nice Apollo Gate Openers are still assembled in the USA!


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Stay-Tuff Fencing

With three times the life and almost four times the strength of typical low tensile fencing, your Stay-Tuff Fixed Knot fence will stand strong for generations. High tensile wire, a solid vertical stay wire, and a tight Fixed Knot provide exceptional strength and allow you to use far fewer posts, saving time and money.

And our superior wire coatings ensure this fence will stand the test of time. Kerrville Fence & Gate only installs the quality of Stay-Tuff Fence.

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